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How to Make Consistently Profitable Indie Games

April 3, 2018

3 min read

Watch it on Youtube by: Ryan Clark


  • Include as many hooks/unique factors as possible.
  • Compare the hooks of successful and poorly performing games similar to your own to see what good hooks are.

#Market Analysis

  • look at games most similar to yours to get an idea what types of games are successful when you’ll be releasing.
  • Consider Market size and sale demographics.
  • Genres that include polyamorous gamers.
  • Do sales estimates on those similar games (like on steamspy)


  • Game design & promotion should go hand in hand, you need to be able to explain your game in a convincing and attractive way.
  • Give people a human angle.
  • Trailers are important to consider early (so should the rest of marketing)

#A good idea is/has:

  • great hooks
  • viable market
  • easy to promote
  • something you’re excited to make
  • something you have skills and resources to make

He has some good examples for pretty much each of these points too.

The audio is messed up around 32 minutes though, I think it comes back around 36 mark.

Come up with so many ideas that you find one you ‘want to make’ are ‘able to make’ and ‘will make enough money’.

Creativity is key, not funding.

Cannot rely on being on Steam for your marketing

#Final Tips

Practice. Build a good team. Networking (AKA just make friends with people who are in games). Build up your reputation. Put yourself out there at festivals/conventions. It takes time.